An Introduction

By Dahni

© Copyright 6/1/09

all rights reserved

This is #2 of 6 blogs all associated with each other. Click on the links below to visit these blogs
#1 of 6 blogs Our Lady Liberty to Illuminate provide information, history, resources and the initial tools WE need
#2 of 6 is An American Eagle (You are Here) to Inspire – tell a story about a story that comes true
#3 of 6 is The American Eagle Service The American Eagle Service to Initiate – take action and make a story come true
#4 of 6 is American Eagle News to Inform – provide news and announcements concerning WE the people
#5 of 6 is American Eagle Store to Invest – purchase stuff and to contribute to, WE the People
#6 of 6 is 1 of WE Project to Incubate – a national project to encourage and nurture our wee little 1’s of WE  🙂

This blog, An American Eagle is a work of fiction. It is a story of one man’s quest to affect change, first in his own life and then, somehow influence others to change. Some events, people, times and places may be real or current. Any similarities to the author of this blog may be merely coincidental. 🙂

With all this in mind, this is purely a work of fiction, however, it is based on real information, archived in public records of the U.S. government’s vast repository of information. While the story is fiction, the information it is based on, is real! It is the story of one man’s quest to discover what the U.S.A is really all about and in doing the research, it is found that there is a place in our history when the United States fundamentally changed and not in the manner in which it was intended, by the Declaration of Independence, in 1776 or the Constitution, in 1789. Along this journey, not only is the true cause discovered, but the only solution is found, and this is, a RESET of our Republic.

From these truths, the fictional story is like the series and movie, ‘The ‘Fugitive,’ but on steroids! As more is learned and shared, more and more people begin to listen and to wake up. This awakening becomes a threat to the powers that be, our own supposed servant-government, which tries to squash this information and its messenger with, all means available to the Federal government. This is to be, a heart-throbbing, nail biting action adventure with the whole of the United States government, using any and all means necessary, at its disposal, to eliminate its perceived threat to their corrupt system, and that is, one man.

This is a fictional tale of high crimes and misdemeanors, lies, stealth, corruption, technology, betrayal, character assassination and if capture and warrantless imprisonment is not possible,  take out the physical life of the threat. Follow the main character through close calls as he moves from place to place and endeavors to secretly broadcast the “truth,” while desperating trying to void detection, capture and even the threats of the loss of not only his own life, but his family, friends and anyone associated with him. Follow this virtually unknown little David-like, common and uneducated man, as the entire Goliath-like Federal government, manipulates local and state governments, shuts down public utilities, media and the Internet to catch, stop or destroy him by, any means necessary. Watch as bank accounts are seized, credit is destroyed, the IRS and other branches within the government’s arsenal are activated. Watch as the legal system is manipulated to hold a blind eye to, illegal warrants and even kidnapping.

Again, ‘An American Eagle’ is intended to be like, ‘The Fugitive,’ on steroids!

Each post will be a continuance of this story.

To set the stage, we meet a writer named Ben Silent. He is troubled by many current events, occurring in the world at large; within his country and his own life. He seeks to understand these things and change what he can and then help others to do the same. His best way of communicating is through the written word. But he must learn to get past his shyness and speak the words, with his own mouth. This is a story about imagination and “when imagination becomes real”

This story is based on the real non-fiction book, by the same author, ‘RESET “An UN-alien’s guide to Resetting Our Republic,” and the sequel in process, ‘Apple of Gold in a Picture of Silver,’ not yet complete or published. see: https://theamericaneagleservice.wordpress.com/

The author reserves the right to change the name of this story. It is our hope to complete this work of fiction and to see it released as a major motion picture, sometime in the near future. It  has heart, and passion, love and romance, friendship, honor and respect, poetry, music, common sense, a lovable animal here and there, common people that love this country and fervent heat for its continuance!

It is written for entertainment, but also to draw attention to the truth that, WE the People, really do need to, RESET Our Republic. If not us, who? If not now, when or if the time has passed, IF EVER!


Click here to view: Index of Chapters

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